Recent developments in the impregnation sector across our country shows that there is an awareness process within the sector. Knowledge level of the sector about the impregnation materials and the impregnation systems increases day by day. Our users understand the importance of the impregnation process and reflect it to their works and each user try to make individual consumers aware of this process. Development of the knowledge level and the approach to the issue creates a sound ground for the effective use of the wood material. Due to this awareness, consumption and demand of impregnated timber is on the increase. In order to meet the increasing demand, the impregnated timber is also put in place in the sector of forestry products and the expectations for future is more confident and powerful.  When the impregnated timber is in question, the sector exceeds the TEMASAN timber protection (impregnation) plant with a rate of 95 % in the subject of plant manufacturing. Today, in our Temasan-branded plants operating in our country, an annual 500.000 m³ (daily 4 charge, capacity over 300 workdays) timber is impregnated. With this figure, 70 % of the wood which is impregnated in Turkey is processed in Temasan-branded plants. It is obvious that Temasan is a leading organization in the sector.   

On the other hand, Temasan makes great efforts in order to disseminate the use of the impregnated timber in our country with the timber protection (impregnation) plants. It generates joint projects in cooperation with the universities where foresters are trained who will be employed by the sector in the future. Foresters of the future will be trained by means of the laboratories which are built in our universities by Temasan. This will also make a big contribution to the development of the sector.

Temasan is in cooperation with both the local and the foreign investors in order to maintain its leadership in facility manufacturing on an international scale in addition to its being a national leader. Our investments are in place in order to add new timber protection (impregnation) plants in foreign countries to our current ones and to increase our export capacity 10 times more in the next 10 years. To this end, we have started the construction of a 4000 m² closed area factory in Baþkent Organized Industrial Region in Ankara. When the construction of our factory is completed, we will become converted into a firm which could address to whole world in the subject of timber protection (impregnation) plants.